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  1. Youth Basketball Devotional
  2. Young beneficiary of F.A.S.T.
  3. Youth Cheer Camp
The vision of F.A.S.T. is to provide high - quaity sports programs that are accessible to everyone. This is why our program are free. Although there is no cost to our participants, there are many financial costs to keep these programs running!

There are numerous monthly operational expenses to keep F.A.S.T. runnng, and without the generous and sacrificial giving of our supports, F.A.S.T. would no longer be able to serve the youth in our community.
Please consider donating to F.A.S.T. by:

* Recurring donations to keep F.A.S.T. operating

* One - time gifts to support F.A.S.T.

*Sponsor a child with a monthly gift ($39/ month)

General Donation
Cheer Program

Basketball Program

If you would like to write a check, make checks payable to:

Future Aztecs Sports
P.O. Box 312
El Cajon, CA 92022

We appreciate your generousity!

(All gifts are Tax - Deductible)